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Operator Interface Efficiency Optimization

A VEA has been modified to serve as an operator interface allowing the operator to look forward to achieve the best efficiency for given conditions. In this instance, the power plant has four boilers (two high and two low pressure), and a steam turbine electric generator used as a letdown method. The operator inputs the

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Stack Draft Calculations

Evaluate stack draft under potential conditions. A recent request to use the Virtual Energy Audit to predict the amount of stack draft in a revised plant configuration using a common flue provided accurate calculations based on validated predictions. The VEA provided gas flow data including exit temperatures and pressures that allowed convenient calculations under a

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PLC Interface

The Virtual Energy Audit is now capable of reading specific information from a PLC Historian as input to the thermodynamic model, PLC interface in other words. For instance, it can read the plant performance for the previous 24 hours, on an hourly basis, to compare actual operations against an ideal represented by the Virtual Energy

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What-If Analyses

A truly fantastic characteristic of the Virtual Energy Audit is the What-If analysis. What if this or that was modified, what would be the results? One example is the calculation of how much electricity would be produced using a specific let-down stream that originally produced no economic benefit. From actual hourly production records, a baseline

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Batch Processing Capability

The Virtual Energy Audit is capable of processing an almost unlimited amount of data using a batch processing methodology. For instance, one client provided a full year’s hourly data for 25 inputs, 8760 rows across 25 columns to produce an output table of 8760 rows across 105 columns of calculation results. These data were boiled

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Turbine-Generator Analysis

The Virtual Energy Audit becomes a valuable tool to evaluate the potential additions of turbine-generators to an existing power plant. Adding turbine-generators will have two salient results.

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Potential Savings

How much savings can be accrued using the VEA? Let’s start with 3% as an initial estimate.

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