Download a working version of the Virtual Energy Audit (VEA) to examine how it operates and some of the built-in features.

The Download VEA is a simplified version of an actual Virtual Energy Audit.  It has two boilers, one with air heater and the other with an economizer.  Primary inputs are the gold steam demand cells on “Schematic.”  Trim inputs, such as Ambient Air Temperature, Incoming Water Temperature, Blowdown Percentage, and others are the yellow cells throughout the file.  Input different stream demand to see the effects on Plant Efficiency shown in the blue cell on “Schematic” and the other blue result cells on “Overall.”

This file is password protected and is for the purpose of demonstrating how the Virtual Energy Audit works.  An actual VEA would be customized to the intended plant.

Please complete the form to download your sample VEA. You are only required to provide your name. If you include your email address, you will receive an automatic email to which you may respond if you have questions or would like to inquire further. Your email address or any other personal information collected on this site is not sold, shared, or rented.


Download slides used in conference presentations describing the VEA and how it works.

VEA Presentation

Requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

Contact VA:W for details concerning the presentation.

"The VEA was very instrumental highlighting the best system improvement measures we examined for campus-wide enhancements. It allowed competent 'apples to apples' comparison with assured validity. The process would have been less precise without the hour by hour computations afforded by the VEA."
—Scott T., University Facilities Director