Operator Interface Efficiency Optimization

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August 8, 2013

A VEA has been modified to serve as an operator interface allowing the operator to look forward to achieve the best efficiency for given conditions. In this instance, the power plant has four boilers (two high and two low pressure), and a steam turbine electric generator used as a letdown method. The operator inputs the boiler choices, the turbine input steam flow, the extract flow, and the electrical generation goal. A record of the high and low pressure (185 and 10 PSIG) main flows provide a system reference. The VEA takes the input values allowing a ± 5 and 10% variation for both the input and extract values. The results are the settings for high and low pressure boilers, the actual electrical generation megawatts, and the best plant efficiency. While this specific file is for a steam power generation plant, the methodology can be adapted for any known plant, steam and chilling.

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