“We have used the VEA for several applications: observe unmeasured flows, optimize efficiencies, calculate stack draft, and plan for future equipment. That the VEA can be readily updated for configuration changes is important.”
—Stan G., District Energy System



“The VEA was very instrumental highlighting the best system improvement measures we examined for campus-wide enhancements. It allowed competent “apples to apples” comparison with assured validity. The process would have been less precise without the hour by hour computations afforded by the VEA.
—Scott T., University Facilities Director



“As a biomass fuelled plant, we had two goals answered by the VEA. The first was a comparison of different fuel potentials, and the second was an estimation of air emissions from the process as extended over a chosen period of time. This gave us a good opportunity to examine our process in ways unachievable previously.”
—Jack H., Manufacturing Plant Engineer



“As the Power Plant Manager, I plan to use the shift calculations from the VEA as a yardstick to measure the actual performance, and to highlight areas requiring attention. This makes the task much easier to complete. Additionally, we also have a valuable planning tool for the potential time we, as a company, want to examine possible plant configuration changes.
—Lance E., Power Plant Engineer/Manager